OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABiography of Franck Licari in PDF


                                          Franck Licari started his studies at the departmental school of Thor. Noticed by Nadine Duffaut, it, him will present Evelyne Brunner Professor of singing at the C-N-I-P-A-L in Marseille. After several years of dance he was hired as a dancer in the OM Center of the show for a national tour.

                                           In 1989 he will do his military service on hearing in the choir of the French army in Paris, (Republican Guard) and take the opportunity to try the entrance to the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique and Danse de Paris. It is received and during four years will follow its course in the class of: Nicole Broissin for the scene, James Sparrow dance, Isabelle Aboulker Rosenfeld and Catherine Daipres for musical training, Georges Werler for theatre, Emmy Greger, Anne-Marie Rodde and Suzanne Sarocca for singing.

                                           It begins in the gap of E.Ionesco set to music by Isabelle Aboulker Rosenfeld and staged by Mireille Laroche, then in 'Our crazy years' flows at the Grand Théâtre de Tours.

-Ajax 1st in "La belle Hélène" of J.OFFENBACH in the Theatre of Nancy staged Jacques Duparc.

-Gauthier in "The Carnival in London" by D. Milhaud at the Metz Opera staged Bernard Brocca.

-Jamie in "My fair lady" alongside Bernard Alane, Bernard Larmande, but also Hélène Duc and Edith Perret co-production of the Operas of Liège, Avignon, Nancy, Reims, Metz, Lausanne, and ST Etienne, French Adaptation and staged Alain Marcel

-Urbain in 'La vie parisienne' J.OFFENBACH Operas of Liège, Metz, Montpellier, in a new adaptation and directed by Alain Marcel

-Then had 6 months of touring, 60 performances including the Théâtre des Champs Elysée in "the bats" by J.Strauss staged Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier.

-Ambrose Quimper in "Hello Dolly" alongside Liliane Montevecchi staged Bernard Broca at the Royal Opera of Wallonie Liège, Reims and Lille.

-Pausanias in "Missed education" e. CHABRIER


-The Chief of the bandits in "Don Quixote" by Jules Massenet. 

After multiple shows in 2000 he returned to his native Provence and became the assistant to the Director Nadine Duffaut, for "The daughter of the Drum Major", "Chives", "The Merry Widow", "la vie parisienne of Offenbach", coproduced by several french theatres, Opéra de Toulon, Avignon, StEtienne, the Capitole de Toulouse, Le Grand Théâtre de Reims, Nice and Massy. But also Puccini's La Bohème at the Chorégies of Orange 2012. 

In December 2015 Franck was assistant for Katia Kabanova at the Toulon Opera and life Parisienne at the Opéra de Marseille.

It is also "vocal coaching", it attaches great importance to the transmission of knowledge, it is therefore with great pleasure that he teaches singing in all its forms. Through his coaching, he made a professional personalised support allowing the artist to deepen his knowledge, to improve her vocal performances, his gesture, allowing it to achieve better results. 

The 2016 schedule, Donizetti's Maria Stuarda, Parisian life, Lakmé, Carmen and Assistant at the staging of Nadine Duffaut for Ms. Buterffly at the Orange Choregia.