Range: Baritone-bass

Height: 184 cm, 84 Kg

Born: 02/05/67 in PERPIGNAN

Nationality: French.

Address: Paris

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10/90 to 06/1994: Conservatory National superior of music and dance in PARIS

Lyric Art class: Nicole BROISSIN

Musical training: Isabelle ROSENFELD ABOULKER

Dance: James SPARROW

Song: His teachers were Evelyn Brunner, Emmy Greger, Anne-Marie RODDE and Suzanne SARROCA


02/1992: Pausanias in "missed education" e. CHABRIER, staging: Nicole BROISSIN (CNSMDP)

06/1992: taxis into "King pausaule" of A. HONNEGER, staging: Nicole BROISSIN (CNSMDP)

04/1993: 1 Ajax in "La Belle Hélène" by J. OFFENBACH, Opéra de NANCY, staging: Jacques DUPARC

02/1994: Gauthier in "Carnival of London" by D. MILHAUD Opéra de METZ, directed: Bernard BROCA

03/1994: of Estillac in "The Merry Widow" of J. OFFENBACH Opéra de MASSY, directed: Georges CHEVALIER

10/1996: Arcal production, "The bald mouse" by J. STRAUSS 6 month tour in FRANCE and Théâtre des Champs Elysées Adaptation and staging: P. CAURIER and Mr. LEISER

12/1998: Urbain in "Parisian life" of J. OFFENBACH, Theatres in LIÈGE, METZ and MONTPELLIER (December 99) new adaptation and staging: Alain MARCEL

03/2003: the Chief of the Bandits in Don Quixote of J. MASSENET Opera of the grand Avignon

2004-2013: Urbain in Parisian life of J. OFFENBACH Opera Capitole de Toulouse, Nice, Avignon st Etienne, Toulon, Reims, and Massy
Staging: Nadine Duffaut

12/2014: Ajax 1 in the beautiful Helena of J. OFFENBACH, the grand Avignon, staging Opera: Jérôme Savary


06/1991: Jean-Marie in "Conversation and French diction exercises" e. IONESCO, music: Isabelle ROSENFELD-ABOULKER
Staging: Nicole BROISSIN (CNSMDP)

11/1992: the academician in 'The gap' e. IONESCO, Péniche Opéra, staging: Mireille LARROCHE, music: Isabelle ROSENFELD ABOULKER

06/1993: the Director in "Der Schauspieldirektor" of W.A.MOZART, staging: Bernard BROCA (CNSMDP)

EXPERIENCES: Musical / dance

09/1987: dancer in the Phocéen of the show Centre

12/1992: Jacques CHASTENEL in "Our crazy years" Théâtre de TOURS, Mise en scène Jacques DUPARC

12/93 to 12/97: Jamie in "My Fair Lady" co-production of the Theatres of LIÈGE, AVIGNON, NANCY, REIMS, LILLE, ROUEN, METZ, LAUSANNE and SAINT-ETIENNE Adaptation set and French scene: Alain MARCEL

04/1995: Ambrose KARGER in "Hello Dolly" Opéra de LIÈGE, REIMS, MONTPELLIER and LILLE with Liliane MONTEVECHI
Staging: Bernard BROCA


Assistant to the staging of Bernard Brocca.
Der Schauspieldirektor "Theatre Director" W.A.MOZART, the medium of G.Menotti.

He is now Assistant to the staging of Nadine Duffaut

The daughter of the Drum Major, chives, the Merry Widow,
The Parisian life in co-productions of Marseille, Toulon, Avignon, St Etienne, Toulouse, Reims, Nice, and Massy
2012-Bohemian J.Puccini to the Choregia d ' Orange.

2015 Katia Kabanova by L. Janacek Opera of Toulon

2016 life Paris Opéra de Marseille 

Professor of singing and Vocal Coach.

Sport good level: Galot 3, Polo, swimming, bike riding.